25 September 2011

Astro Man


I am the Astro Man

Mother universe’s son

My hair is strung with stars

My eyes shine like the Sun

My Left Hand holds Venus

My right hand holds Mars

I’m a cosmic genius

And I’m the only one



  1. It sticks in me wonderful little electric needles and makes me scream of some unknown pleasure between the ribs, watching supernova explosions cosmically astonished under your words

    You make me love poetry.

  2. Why thank you m'am - it's all in a days work for Astro Man!

  3. That's funny because I have the sun in my left had and the moon in my right ;) Oh alright, they're tattoos - but still! "My hair is strung with stars..." Love it. Excellent as always dear John

  4. Ah, we're a pair of cosmic children Ray.