29 June 2011

Mr Natural


Fuck you, fuck you and fuck you too! I write in the working class idiom blunt as a broken nose – plain as the blood on your flat fucking face. Eat my words suckers – I can deliver ‘em at light speed – hard enough to penetrate that thick skull of yours and jangle your cerebellum in the resonant frequency of your unconscious mind. It’s easier for me that way – ‘cause let's face it – your conscious mind is a shanty built on a landfill site. That psyche of yours wasn’t just constructed from second hand ideas, but from the shit that other people threw away. One decent rain will wash you away to the sewer where your dreams reside in the fecund detritus of a billion assholes. Man if I were to tap you in your waking gonads your tears would wash you way into the forevermore.

If I could draw a picture for you, so that you could see the difference between you and me, I would ram it down your idiot throat just to shut your ugly maw. I swear by all that’s natural that we’re a different species you and I. You’re learning how to steal, I’m learning how to give. You’re learning how to die, I’m learning how to live. 

Rhythm! I’ve taken every fraction and reduced the whole question to rhetoric and then into science. Testing every imaginable hypothesis and adhering religiously to the strictures of the rhythm method. I have established that my space cadet is from Venus and your monkey man is from Mars. You walk like a honky mother fucker and dance like a cissy bitch – you got no rhythm – you’re all angles and corners - ‘cause baby you are square. 


  1. Rubbish. Do you have a gun? Point it inward.

    1. Don't be shy Richard - say what you feel

  2. That's what comes of living in the jungle - so many monkeys.