16 May 2011



Fear is the prime motivator,

Fear is the organ of your reflex,

Hatred makes the world go round,

Binds our colony of fragile exiles,

Legions of patient coffin fillers,

Worm fodder for potter’s fields,

Golgotha’s funerary whores,

Suspicious of all that is other,

Macabre in tonal fascinations,

Nauseated by the difference of flesh,

Hungry for the blood of innocents,

Fearful of the shock of discovery,

And the blinding light of reason,

The meek shall play the long game,

Await instructions from above,

Everything is permitted,

Nothing is forbidden,

Unless it is forbidden,

If you are not with us,

Then you are against us,

You must choose sides,

There are no alternatives,

There is only one rule,

Obey all the rules.






  1. If I were a lessons man, and I were a numbers man – I’d say this was lesson one, but I’m not - so I won’t. An early truth you learn about people is that they have the same instincts as other pack animals – like the chickens in any farm yard we have pecking orders. Like any other pack animal, it is fear that keeps us compliant to the will of the pack. No-one is exempt, no one is special, we are all the same in this respect. It may seem a dirty little truth we’d like to shy away from, but this is good news. No one is ever freed from invisible chains.

  2. I don't believe in absolute truth but the first line is true of our society I think. Fear is the weapon of control and it also takes away the ability to think properly. Powerful work.

  3. It's that dynamic that makes life interesting and freedom worth pursuing. Without that conflict we'd probably still be nomadic apes wandering the Serengeti.