28 August 2010


Nymphet strumpet whores cascade down Picasso Avenue in giant stiletto heels. Crack monkeys in sharp threads and wearing sharper faces tap the windows of passing limousines with black – blue metallic shiny raven sheen, driven by sanguine velvet dust junkies with golden smiles and populated by porcine businessmen with their million dollar hookers.
”Weed?, speed?, oxy’s?, meth?, smack?, crack?, coke?, crank?, acid?, E’s?, 'shrooms?, ludes?, peyote?, snake oil?, embalming fluid?” Sample sewn satin linings open like bat wings. “I can turn you on.”
Suburban voyeurs are hassled by dealers, whores and panhandle cops, student vessels trapped in the neon glow. Fledglings crunch popcorn as they pitter patter through pools of blood that await the rain. Zebras and Lions stalk the crowded sidewalks, Vultures feed on carrion. It’s a dog eat dog world, only they ate all the dogs a long time ago. The cops frisk the feeble hearted for dope and pennies, peanuts, but that’s what you get when you hire monkeys. A moon faced born again ding dong chants Hari Krishna hip hop style. His hands spasm before him, signing in ancient Indian semaphore – ‘stay away’. The wolves haven’t eaten him yet ‘cause it’s considered bad luck to eat crazy meat. The innocent are herded and fleeced in a revolving strip show of brutality, horror and vice. Layers of degradation and corruption are peeled for their delectation. Most of them will make it home, but some will end up with their teeth in somebody’s necklace. The rest is just hamburger meat.
The End

25 August 2010

Pens Beat Swords

Fountain Pen


Pens beat Swords,

With mighty words,

Which fly like birds,


For words can fly,

Words can defy,

Words can imply,

And words can reply,


Pens beat Swords,

With little words,

That land like turds,


Words can amuse

Words can confuse,

Words can abuse,

Or words can excuse,


Pens beat Swords,

And make us Shepherds,

Or make us Leopards.

The End


24 August 2010




Writers are thieves,

All that he perceives,

He turns to sheaves,

All he sees, he records,

Like trinkets he hoards,

Magpies with keyboards.

The End
The End

Just Dive In


We hurtle headlong,

Into the future,

We dive in,

We dive right in,

We never know,

How it will go,

But if we want to live,

Really live,

We dive in,

We dive on in.

The End


22 August 2010

With A Passion

‘with a passion’
I love you with a passion,
That’s long gone out of fashion,
It’s gone beyond discretion,
And is becoming an obsession,
By passion I’ve been bitten,
With you my heart is smitten,
Beyond all rhyme or reason,
No matter what the season,
The sun shines in my heart,
For we shall never part.
The End

21 August 2010

Broken Hearted


broken hearted

Here I sit broken hearted,

I paid the fare,

And then we parted.

The End


20 August 2010

I Don’t Believe In Nothing

I don’t believe in nothing
I don’t believe in nothing
But the here and now,
No need to give me anything,
Because I'll take it anyhow,
I can’t abide the boring,
And fools will not allow,
Or listen to the braying,
Of some-ones sacred cow,
I am no-one’s cageling,
And I shall not kowtow,
Or kneel to kiss the ring,
Because I’m the kind of cat,
Who does her own thing.
The End

Tears Shall Wash You Clean


Your tears shall wash you clean,

You may not want them to,

You’ll cling to your pipedream,

Like it was made of glue,

You’ll go to the extreme,

To keep it close to you,

But tears shall wash you clean,

And you’ll be made anew

The End




They call her Harr,

She’s a thick freezing fog,

That rolls in from the sea,

She turns the world to white,

And makes it hard to see,

She bleaches all in sight,

And lends a ghostly beauty,

Your senses to delight,

As she leads you blindly,

Ignorant of your plight,

You follow her carefree,

Through a world of argent white,

I know the Harr well you see,

For I have felt her icy bite,

Now she lives inside of me,

Blotting out all light.

The End


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19 August 2010

Sadness Sits



Sadness sits upon your shoulder,

Teardrops fall like burning rain,

Where the ashes of desire smoulder,

In the place where love was slain,

Now your life’s a little colder,

Now you truly have felt pain,

But now you’re just a little older,

Too old to ever love again.

The End

Red Button



I hate this fucking world,

And everybody in it,

If I had a red button,

I’d push it in a minute!



18 August 2010


Beware the vampires bite,
They seek not haemoglobin,
But your inner light,
That’s why you were chosen,
For visits day and night,
But in the grip of la folie,
You were just too blind to see,
They feast with great delight,
Until they’ve bled you white.
The End

17 August 2010



Every night,
before I sleep,
I pray the Lord,
My soul to reap,
Every morn,
When I awake,
I pray the Lord,
My soul to take.
The End

14 August 2010




God save me from the spiritual,

With their adopted suburban ritual,

Who say that they’re well content,

With the inner glow they claim,

Comes from  enlightenment,

Their inner peace they proclaim,

But the change they underwent,

Left them exactly the same,

Both lonely and discontent,

It’s Karma, so they claim,

Or something they invent,

-  Still it’s like a great big hug,

When you get to be that smug.

The End


12 August 2010

Let’s Be Friends


Let’s Be Friends

There’s nothing hurts more,

Than “Let’s Be Friends”

Because in all truth,

That’s how friendship ends.

The End


11 August 2010


My friend,
You should by now,
Understand that existence,
Consists of an infinite sequence,
Of uninterrupted brutality and pain,
Peppered only by the occasional betrayal,
And interspersed with despondency and anguish,
Driving us inexorably from humiliation to shame,
Binding us forever in chains of lonely isolation.
The End

9 August 2010

The Secret Self


If it’s freedom you pursue,

Hold something in reserve,

Give no one power over you,

But your freedom preserve,

Allowing only what is due,

Like for like, as they deserve,

Share only what belongs to you,

And your secret self conserve,

For you can trust so very few,

And closely as you observe,

You’ll never know exactly who,

May have crowned themselves,

And no matter what you do,

You can never ever serve,

And to your secret self be true.

The End


8 August 2010

Serpent King


Serpent King

I the king of serpents crawl,

Through the dreams,

Of one and all,

My skin that gleams,

Like feathered quetzal,

And rigid screams,

My siren call,

My blood it streams,

Its pulse enthral,

My meat blasphemes,

With each nightfall.

The End


Turkish Delights


Turkish Delights

I have feasted with Panthers,

Performed in arcane rites,

Loved exotic belly dancers,

And savoured Turkish delights,

From their sticky fingers,

On long Arabian nights,

Where sensual pleasures breed,

Like tiny whorish monsters,

To fulfil your every need,

Where languid liquid satyrs,

And feathered serpents feed,

Like voracious alligators,

For here it is our creed,

Nothing is forbidden you,

For it has been decreed,

That no pleasure is taboo,

In either thought or deed,

For here there is no purlieu,

We dance like little children,

And laugh as children do,

We eat the manna of paradise,

And drink the morning dew.

The End


6 August 2010

Fiat Lux


The light within burns as bright,

As any star above tonight,

If we will but the fuse ignite,

Down with dark let there be light!

The End


Holed Soul



In the deepest darkest recess,

Of your tortured soul,

To your great distress,

You found a gaping hole,

The pain you suppress,

Nothing can console,

Serves only to attest,

To the beauty of your soul,

Time will be the test,

But time will make you whole.

The End


Mad John


There goes Mad John,

Prowling the darkened streets,

From the dusk until the dawn,

He nightly pounds his beat,

He has no bed to rest upon,

And everyone he meets,

Wishes that he’d move on,

Just one of life’s deadbeats,

Whose humanity is gone,

You’ll never hear old John bleat,

About where his life went wrong,

But you’d be a bit offbeat,

If you were named Mad John.

The End


2 August 2010




Heart twofold

Like hand in glove

Runs hot and cold,

When new love,

Destroys the old.

Like barbed wire,

It’s hard to hold,

That secret fire,

The love you hold,

Makes you a liar.

To new and old.

The End